Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Orange you glad to see me?

Winter is the perfect time to start formulating lists in my head. What with all the time indoors it seems only natural. My lists always start off with things I want to do or accomplish and while those are still dominant in my mind I was thinking I would share a list I've been contemplating over, it's called; Whom I want to Be (as opposed to what I want to do.) I know, cerebral but it is mid January. So here goes...
  • Be more centered in my daily actions
  • Be more thoughtful in how I speak to myself and others
  • Be more imaginative and creative in my daily life
  • Be more openly loving to those around me
  • Be more relaxed, breathe more and slow down
  • Be more open to joy all around me and Be more joyful to be around

I suppose I could come up with a lot more but this should be enough to work on for a while. I realized that while coming up with my list of things to do I was getting stuck in the "doing" part and forgettting that its not what you do but who you are while you do it. Funny I keep forgetting that this life is all for me (ie. I am the one actually living it- duh ). But I get caught up in things and then tend to forget. Oh well.. here's to being more forgiving of my humaness.

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