Friday, May 21, 2010


Here is an older piece that I reworked and like much better, sorry I don't have a "before shot".

While sitting down to look at all my paintings recently with an eye for uniformity I came to the conclusion unfortunately that there isn't very much.
So I asked myself-if I'm going to go anywhere with this art busy-ness I find myself doing I should really try and develop a "style" or "theme" of some sort to market myself with and Wow that is so not my strong suit.
My next thought after blankly staring into space is to try and look at creating as putting on different hats.
In order to not feel too limited by this theme/style notion I can have my quirky hat where I just try all different ideas/mediums out, basically do what I have been doing.
But at the same time develop another "hat" of pieces that I could stick in a store or show, something with... yes a theme or similar style. This shouldn't be too hard right??
Well we shall see.

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