Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well they're here. After a lot of running around, cram researching and overall deliberating behind the kids backs- I finally went and picked up 5 lovely lady hens, 5 different breeds, 5 little fluff balls now residing temporarily in our laundry room till they get old enough to get into a coop...more on that later, it being Brian's department.
They are adorable, frisky, don't mind being held and all drank and ate right far so good. Now we just have to keep the cat away from them and the kids from squeezing them too tight. They are also very difficult to photograph, the above was the best I could do for now.
So just in case your wondering... the 5 breeds are as follows: Buff Orpington, Golden lace Wyndott, Buff Brahma (seems most dominant so far), Partridge Rock and a Golden Comet, which is a cross between a NH Red and a white Plymouth Rock.
The kids are dying to name them but I may make them wait a week or so just in case things go south for any of them.
But we will solicit old fashioned lady names if you feel like participating...I was going to name them all after my favorite chicken recipes, but I have a feeling that wont fly with the rest of the family...except maybe the cat.
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