Wednesday, September 15, 2010


These are 3 pieces I've been scrambling to do in between everything else. My intention was to make them as backgrounds (via Camilla) for painting...but when I look at them now - I'm not so sure- should I fight the urge to work on them more or leave them be...
Usually when I find myself hesitating- I stop and wait til I've made up my mind and am guessing that's what I should do now.
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  1. I think they look good just as they are.

  2. I totally agree! And I like the second one with the drawings of your childeren.

  3. Yes, keep them as they are. They look great. I like the pink.

    I guess we shouldn't try too hard when making backgrounds so we will have no doubt we'll want to cover it up! :-)

  4. I especially like the one with the kissing bears!