Friday, September 10, 2010

toothpaste, coffee, mayo

The title has been my mantra for the past two days. That has seemed overly packed with things to do- first days of school, violin, soccer, driving, friends and family, grocery, animals to the vet, driving, papers to sign, last minute or forgotten supplies and groceries, kids suddenly growing out of their shoes, mountains of laundry.
suddenly this morning I found I had about 30 minutes free(OK the laundry buzzer just went off- but still) and now my desk is completely back to normal!! All is right in my (albeit) small world!
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  1. wow, this looks like a great space to be creative!

  2. yeah- if only I could be creative there for longer amounts of time

  3. but little time is better than no time at all! ;)

    I hope now that the weather is getting more "unfriendly", I will finally find time to paint + collage at home.
    (if it's nice outside I always feel the need to go out)