Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Paintings

Well they actually go next to each other but I couldn't figure out how to do that.
They are for my daughter's fourth birthday. Shh-don't tell her...
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  1. wow, so good you found the time for painting! very nice work!

    I really need to sit down and do some too.
    I love the girl with the antlers, a few weeks ago I woke up with a picture in my head and then draw (pencil) a girl with antlers and a boy with a cat's head in a boat surrounded by a forest. but it's too rich in detail to paint it, I will have to abstract it...

  2. Congratulations with your daughters birthday and with youre paintings! I think the woman has branches on here head ;)

  3. yeah I was thinking branches- sort of fooling the deer and hoping they blend a bit into the background.
    Barbara- that sounds like a cool idea for a ever it turns out.


  4. Sorry I am a bit late in my comment. No time for surfing on the web. she will love it! Glad to see you had some use of the workshop :)