Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have been thinking a lot about where I want my artistic pursuit to go and also why I'm even doing it in the first place. Since my blog has been about all the different things in my life I thought I would utilize it more to investigate and vent about the confusing space that is my creative impulse. Well that's at least what I'm calling it for now.
Maybe it's closer to a mid life crisis, though that term always seems to have negative connotations of one loosing ones mind and reverting back to the teen age years, and I certainly have no desire to revisit that era.
No what I've come to is that it's a part of myself that I have always denied, or pushed to the side, saved for later because of one thing or another. Most often financial reasons, but courage to express myself has certainly been another.
It feels like a total luxury to make things and yet I've been fighting for that space lately like I never have before, (balance is my next topic)
Anyway I just did this drawing/watercolor of my daughter- she has been inspiring me a lot lately. I think because she helps me remember my imagination and wonder of the world. That for no other reason I guess is one reason why I'm doing this. :)
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  1. Don't think of it as crisis think of it as phases, like the kids have. You are going to a phase to end up somewhere else in your life/mind.

  2. Aahh-YES I like that much better :) (Tack!)

  3. "save for later" and the thing about courage.... I know what you are talking about :-) I always think about things way to much instead of just doing them... But our Gothenburg-trip is like a constant reminder in the back of my head saying "go for it, do it!" (how stressful :-)) Your watercolors are beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! To find that balance is a struggle, I know. And it will be more difficult in the hectic of a family life. But you're doing it, your working and that's great! Don't fight to much against the things you can't but be happy with what you can! And the playfullness of your daughter a great inspiration.

  5. You guys are so awesome! :)) and I have to say I am inspired by all the ladies from our trip- how lucky we are to have finally met!