Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Views

Elements that I'm drawn to in a piece of art. Simplicity first, then relationships between shapes, colors, patterns and then I am always looking for a story of some kind. Or at least the hint of a story. I do love a good mystery and anything having to do with nature and how we see and experience it in different ways. These are things I'm trying to remind myself of when I begin making something and I'm in the muddy muck (or arid planes) of my imagination.
These two watercolors, though very small took a couple times before they felt right (what ever that means) and I was mainly thinking about the many ways we travel to find home, on the inside as well as the outside.
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  1. I like the first one very much. and also the one with phoebe from the other post.

  2. I am coming back up for air (and paint) and checking in with my buddy's blogs (like yours). I love these paintings and they remind me of a drawing/exploration idea I got last night when I was at my acupuncture appointment. My doctor put a needle into my "spirit storehouse". I love that expression, and it got me thinking, what is in my spirit storehouse? I love the name, the mix of utilitarian "storehouse" with the ephemeral "spirit". I definitely want to make some drawings/paintings to honor my spirit storehouse!

  3. Yeah Susan that sounds great I'd love to see what you've got stored up! :)