Monday, November 15, 2010

One Year!

Hey-my blog is a year old today :)
Part of me cant believe I've been that consistent and the other part of me is thrilled and grateful that I've had this as a venue of expression.
I have always loved recording the daily Hodge-podge of my life be it in keeping journals, sketchbooks, calenders or picture books. I have done so for ages. I think that has been what draws me in to blogging and the fact that there is a whole community of other people doing the exact same thing in their own inspiring way.
Even though my posts are all over the road, the blog itself is keeping me on track somehow. The practice of weekly (sometimes more) posting in to the "void" of the ether worlds (or Internet) has been - well let's say a whole host of things- exciting, challenging, self discovering, self doubting, confusing... (and much more in between). Over all it's been an interesting ride so-
Here's to another year of adventures and continued scenic overlooks along the way!
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  1. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is inspiring to me, so keep up the good work! I hope to see you soon. :-)

  2. For me the blog gives some sort of structure in the proces of thinking and making. And keeping up the blog is somewhere between doing it for yourself and putting it in the world. Or something like that.
    Anyhow, congratulations!