Monday, January 17, 2011

Blue Sketch

I've started two new sketch books this month. I've been inspired and motivated by my friend Janien's lovely  blog  here. I love her agenda collages that she does regularly.
My idea is to keep a collage book and a drawing book, one blue and one red and do pages once a week in both. Not too much pressure but a decent practice to work out ideas with. I have also added poems to some of the pieces to get another level of experience. I will post them off and on.
                      (I don't know but I think I'm kind of hooked on sketchbooks)


  1. great idea! and I love your new blog header!

  2. Love to see you're books and collages!! In my agenda collages I work with what comes across that week, a bit op paper, a sentence. The collage of week two was inpirerd by the postcard I got, the image with the bowl and black thread is from Anu Tuominen. Google her if you don't know her work.
    Have fun making them and don't judge to hard... :)