Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now thats more Like it

     Finally our first real snow of the season! and it doesn't look like it's going any where any time soon. :)
                         Tomorrow the sun should come out- think it will be a camera day for sure


  1. wow!! looks like the snow has left berlin and and came to boston :)
    the first shot is amazing! have fun in the sun tomorrow...

  2. Your photos are stunning, can't get enough of it - so beautiful. And what amount of snow! And lucky you if the sun shines too. As Luise said our snow is gone and we have rain instead, a lot of RAIN RAIN RAIN
    Looking forward to see your sunny snow spot shots! ;)

  3. wow, I'm really jealous!
    in Vienna it's very mild with about +10°C. it feels like spring but it's much too early - I want more snow!

  4. how beautiful! I can hear the snow crunching underfoot... have a nice day!