Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Red Sketch

Just a quick post of drawings from the "red sketchbook" on yet another day anticipating snow and yes cold.


  1. They are so much fun to look at, with all witty and fascinating ideas in it. And I really have to laugh about the littlebit mean looking bird, he is so funny!

  2. lovely to see inside your sketch book ~ thanks for sharing!
    thanks for your comment too :)

  3. these are beautiful! I have always thought that I am not the sketchbook-type, but looking at your drawings, I really feel tempted to give it another try. Actually Barbara and I went to an art supplies store some days ago and I got a small kind of sketchbook (with not too many pages) and maybe - if I put it in my bag instead of leaving it under a pile of books at home - a miracle will happen :-)