Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Day part 2

It has been bitterly cold these past few days and I feel bad for the ladies, being cooped up and all.
So I've been giving them treats more often and cleared a little area for them to poke around in. They don't know what to make of the snow. One flew off into a snow bank, took a step, sank down and then patiently waited for me to come rescue her. (They really are good girls)
One thing they are especially fond of is dairy, so I will give them plain yogurt or sour cream and they go crazy for it. I recently saw the great idea of  hanging a cabbage up in the coop for them to peck at, which sounds easier than me cutting up salad greens and spreading them around every other day.
Now I just have to remember to put that on my grocery list :)

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