Saturday, February 5, 2011

Inspiration- Gee's Bend Quilts

 I mentioned that I decided to take this on line class called "Get your paint on" that is being run byLisa Congdon  and Mati Mcdonough and thought I would share some of the work from it. 
The first week we are looking at the quilts of Gee's bend see HERE for a great selection- 
They are really amazing! 
As it turns out there are a ton of people taking this class and sharing work - right now I'm feeling quite amazed by the variety and supportive environment of the group. Should be a fun course!


  1. i'm wishing more and more that i could be doing this course! looks like a lot of fun. and interesting to see what people are coming up with.
    yours is lovely :)

  2. obviously something else i passed. but its even great to see that you are a part of this course, like your work so much.
    hope the adorable chicken disco is still having fun. julia