Thursday, March 31, 2011

Art House Sketch book Tour

So I took my best girl to the Art House Sketch book exhibit at Space Gallery in Portland Maine this morning. It's about an hour away and the gallery was a bit raw but there were a lot of people there and we got to check out the book I made for them along with about 15 others from all over the place!
 Spain, Russia, Portugal,Germany and a number in the U.S.
 In the end they have just about 10,000 sketch books- so there was no way I was going to get to see that many. Plus they only let you look at 2 at a time - apparently on the tour you can't browse like at a real library- they have runners bring you books so if you don't know who you want to look at they just grab books by theme- which were pretty interesting to choose from.
 Initially I felt disappointed that I wasn't going to get to just peruse all these intriguing journals but considering I only had an hour to be there it worked out just fine. 
Will have to save the perusing for a trip to the Brooklyn Art Library where the sketchbooks will be housed when the tour is over.
 I did get to see artist Barbara Bottcher's sketchbook whose work I have been admiring for awhile now- you can see more on her blog Here :)  plus a few other artists I hadn't known about.
It was an interesting and inspiring little field trip overall!


  1. Hi Kristen, I just discovered a few of my sketchbook pages! Ha! How very nice and I'm happy that (someone) YOU has found my sketchbook amoung the "thousands". Their method is unfortunately a bit awkward. If I was there, I would also want to go myself to the shelves and easy access as many as possible to discover. I wish I could be there to join you to your trip to Brooklyn - I would love to see more, also from your sketchbook!
    Have a nice weekend Barbara

  2. yes Barbara it was a treat to actually get to see your book :) you were one of only 3 Barbara's from Germany. (My daughter loved the octopus in your book)

  3. oooohhh, I want to go see that! I have to look up how long it'll be in Portland. It would be fun to go to Brooklyn too. I'm overdue for a trip to NY. Also, I love that picture of your daughter smiling. Such an unbridled happy warrior princess!

  4. Thank you again for that link Kristen! Loved it, you and your daughter are so cute! And tell you daughter that the octopus is my favorite too!

  5. I did one of these sketch books too. I did not know it was possible to then see a particular one. What a great adventure for you & your adorable daughter!

  6. Sally- wish I had known so I could have checked yours out too!