Thursday, March 17, 2011

Digesting some Sun and "Get Your Paint On"

A little wrap up on the class GYPO I took recently. Since I've had some time to digest what I got out of it and a little space to integrate it in with the rest of my life I have to say it was overall a very positive experience! and I'm looking forward to part 2! (in September -I think)

Because it was virtual, the main challenge I had was to be disciplined on my own time. As opposed to attending a workshop where you physically are already there I had to create time on a daily basis in the midst of everyday life- chaotic but very satisfying and realistic.

The community around this class was hugely helpful as well, not only in positive and constructive feedback and comments but being able to see so many different approaches to the same general guidelines Mati and Lisa gave us each week. And while it wasn't as personal as an actual workshop can be relationship wise it was very supportive and I learned a lot from the way others worked and shared their process in the flicker pool as well as reading blogs- a lot of really great work out there and people to keep in touch with!

I really feel that my work developed during this 5 week period in a way that was challenging and unexpected and has left me eager to be more creative on a daily basis- which I think is what I wanted most out of this class going into it.

I think Mati and Lisa did a stellar job considering this was their first online class together and there were so many participants (I think well over 300) and I'm guessing they will be cooking up even better ways to manage and teach such a large and varied group next time.
There is obviously an eager community of artists new and old, accomplished, just starting out and everything in between wanting this type of experience. 
I for one was very happy to be able to participate and would definitely recommend it ! 
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