Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shop Update!

I am very excited to be selling two cards made by my seven year old son Noah in honor of the Ocean!
He has had a love of all things from the ocean for a long time and we recently were talking about ways to help protect our ocean environments and he decided to try and raise some money for the organization Oceana .
When you purchase one of his cards all proceeds will be donated to this fund which you can read about 
HERE. (plus you'll learn something new about Ted Danson go figure)

He was very excited about the drawings and made several variations and then gave me a bunch of fun facts so people would think these animals were cool- such as:
Sperm Whales are the biggest toothed animals on Earth!
If a Squid looses and arm another will grow back in it's place!
Sperm Whales dive deeper than any other animal!
Squids have the largest eyes of any creature!

Pretty cool right :)
So check it out- pass it along and buy a card if you like :)
Shop Here!

Happy Spring!!

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