Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Signs of Spring

Went out today to look for some signs of  Spring and decided to take the girls with us. Phoebe took over the job of "chicken herder" with gusto until Daisy found some soft warm earth and decided to take a bath. (picture 3). After a bit the others joined her and dirt was flying everywhere. It must have felt so good to them. Chickens need to take dust baths frequently to keep parasites away and it has felt like forever since the ground was bare and soft enough to do so. Like a mini spa day for the birds they seemed very relaxed when it was time to go back in the coop.  I figure a dust bath for a bird is a sure sign of spring...right.


  1. These photos are so charming. What a wonderful way to welcome spring.

  2. these photos are really amazing, I like the first one and the one with your daughter and the chicken which seems giant next to her! Your chickens are really sweet!

  3. i'm sure it is a sign of spring... we all need hope ;)
    here in berlin it's 54° today.
    i love your pictures, your chicken and your daughter look so happy! have a wonderful day!

  4. the PLO have become giants!
    I would love a nice relaxing spa day, too...


  5. How cute is your daughter! I love her little walk in the first picture x
    When does spring fully arrive to your part of the world?
    Sarah x