Sunday, March 6, 2011

This weeks painting

This was my final painting for the on line class I took. I tried to use elements from all the pieces I made and keep it simple. The deer image has frequented my drawings lately.
Oddly enough as we were driving yesterday we went past a herd of deer there must have been 40 or 50 of them all in someones yard and then scattered through the woods. I have never seen so many deer together in the wild. I can only assume they have been banding together since we have been having some melting of snow to feed. This must have been a very hard winter for them. It certainly has felt deep to me.


  1. i love everything on this painting, wish i could understand what the deer is saying!? great work, have a happy week, xx julia

  2. wow, that must have been a sight!
    I like all your recent paintings very much.

  3. I think the deer is saying "can I come inside? It's been a long winter. I will wipe my feet, I promise."

    I like your painting Kristen and I wonder how you have liked the class you took.

  4. So interesting because it's simple but there's lots to look at and then more to think about - clever!I LOVE the speech bubble pattern :)

  5. this is beautiful. would have like to see the deer. {not something we have here!}.
    how do you feel about the end of your course? seems to have gone quickly.