Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Review

Right now;
I just put on a sweater after a week and a half of wearing shorts and tanks...and it feels cozy :)
I am grateful;
To have spent some "real" time with my family and extended family in such a relaxed way. I feel about ten notches down on the "crazy-o-meter" of life. 
I appreciate (so much)
that I experience this life and all it's multifarious conditions from a stand point of love first -not second.
-and that I did a stellar job of cleaning my house to come home to ;) 
I am amazed!
that my boy is 8 years old, that he and my daughter still say they love one another in passing- even after an hour of arguing over who gets to use the blue pencil first.
I am looking forward to;
some real spring action around the house- oh what to do first!  recreating my routines with an attempt at better balance and catching up on all the blog posts I missed for the past 10 days or so :)
Hope your having a happy Monday.


  1. what a wonderful post, kristen!
    happy easter and sunny greatings from berlin :)

  2. Yes, what a lovely post... you have put everything in just the right perspective .... & hopefully warm spring weather is right around the corner!

  3. The light and the water, they always give me some balance. I'm happy for you! Enjoy the rest of spring, good to have you back.