Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playing Around

                          An attempt at sketching for a new painting that I may just keep sketching


  1. I really love these sketches! Keep doing them , they are wonderful. But of course, I want to see the painting too!

  2. very nice! how did you get that effect?

  3. dear kristen, playing around IS IT!
    like your sketches very much!
    do you remember my big painting in my last post, the 150x150 one? this is my "i can do what ever i want" painting, no rules, no hunting for beauty or painting correctness! thats pure fun. xx, julia

  4. Barbara- they are mono prints that's where the texture comes in and then I used watercolor on top. You have to work fairly quickly so the paper doesn't turn too black.
    Julia I stand by "play" :) as I couldn't think too much either while doing these.
    Nothing like a little coaxed spontaneity!
    Hope to post some more soon -thanks Sally ;)

  5. was thinking they look like etchings.
    love these. not thinking too much is the best!