Tuesday, May 31, 2011

organic geometry

A few sketches I did over the weekend that makes me think I should follow this direction a bit further. Most of the time I feel like my work goes every which way (but loose). I admire artists who can consistently stay with a theme or technique. 
Perhaps it's that I've come back to art after such a long "hiatus" (I won't tell you how long or how old I actually am) that I am too full of different ideas, likes and dislikes...or maybe it's just that I've always been a little ADD in my ideas, likes and dislikes ;)
I figure I'm consistent in my randomness.


  1. like your new style very much, totally different but still you!

  2. Right turn, Clyde!


  3. was wondering if someone would catch that ;)...but of course you would B x

  4. I have really been enjoying following your work. I love how these sketches make me feel like I am seeing through a translucent mass, they feel scientific.
    I can really relate to feeling of making work that goes every which way.
    I was just watching a documentary the other day on Alice Neel and now I'm itching to do some portraiture again!