Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Body- Drawing Challenge

A vehicle we move and grow into that changes and moves through time and space, our life and thought and feeling.  Memory. The form that by some is worshiped and by others are held a prisoner.
 The body that is loved and hated, decorated, adored, idealized and shamed. Vain.
Exquisite and complex and perfect in its imperfection- the grand illusion that holds our true being so completely - our body.

Thank you Julia for hosting this drawing challenge and inviting me to participate- to see more lovely interpretations click here :)


  1. HI Kristen, a very special floating and moving interpretation like dancing in a starry night. I like it a lot! xx Barbara

  2. i like it too! no, i love it! makes me feel like dancing, xx julia

  3. You described it very well Kirsten. The lemon yellow dress, the swirling, the circles, beautiful work! x

  4. whoa! this is beautiful Kristin! we are thinking the same swirly energy thoughts! :)
    that blue is stunning.

  5. amazing! love the flow in this painting. and the colours. energy!

    thank you so much for your comment!

    love your ART!


  6. strolling through your blog, i have just stumbled upon your body. i am much impressed by those concentric circles.. powerful, as is the stunning colour on blue.
    sorry for missing it the first time around...