Friday, June 10, 2011

Cold Breakfast on a Hot Day

I have decided that my misson this summer is to eat at least one fruit salad and one vegtable salad a day and see how many interesting combinations I can come up with. I have never been good at following recipies. I always read through them and then think in my head how I would go about doing more or less the same thing. I would make a horrible baker- but I do have a passion for salads -I think because they are such a fly by the seat of your pants type of food...I mean anything goes in a salad. (Thats a recipe I can get behind)
This recent heat wave we have been experienceing has inspired me to try and eat as much "raw" or cold (in my head) food during the day and then so as not to impose my eating habits on the rest of my brood eat "regular" at supper- meaning cooked more traditional food.

So the pictures are- (left to right)
cottage cheese, mint, honey, black pepper with homemade pita chips and grapefruit juice I squeezed
banana, kiwi, blueberry, mint and agave nectar
watermelon, cucumber, red grape and mint- I have a lot at the moment so it goes in just about everything :)
watercress, carrot, walnut, gala apple, raisin and fresh local goat cheese with olive oil, lemon juice and pepper

Hoping to post more salad creations over the next couple months- if you have any favorite combinations let me know I'd love to try them!
In the mean time have a great weekend
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  1. Oh I am looking forward to following this as I am learning to eat more fruits and veggies everyday too!

  2. it is 7.00 in the morning i just woke up and i would love to eat each of your supergoodlooking salads right now for breakfast. have fun with creating, i can't wait for more of your paintings, but salad sounds well too! happy weekend, julia

  3. oh my,healthy and makes me walk to the kitchen:)