Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finishing Up

Now the only problem is which way is up??

I won't bother to show you all the different directions these could go, you get the idea. My husband suggested creating a way they could hang and spin so they could be changed at will...will let you know if that gets figured out ;)
These were taken yesterday when there was no is a very beautiful sunny day!


  1. these are great!! love the 3rd one best xx

  2. wow, I could not imagine what they would look like when I saw the older post, but they are cool!

    a spinning device would really be great!
    you could become a great hypnotist. ;))

  3. I really love how these turned out! They are lovely.
    I'm not sure why but they remind me of sea shells when you first find them in the ocean when your searching for them in the sand with your toes underneath the water and when you pull them up their colors are so vivid.

  4. These are very interesting! Personally i love the blue ones but only because i love this color combination.You can see different dephts in those,it's intruiging

  5. what a lovely piece.... alll directions work for me! would love to play with it too.