Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Red Sketchbook

A few drawings on the side it were- from my sketchbook.
Thinking about the memory of things past. Old photos and seeds.
Moving from the "newness" of Spring to the "fullness" of Summer and what that may bring. :)
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  1. Dear Kirsten, the black and white one intrigues me, making me think of a beating heart, i like the colour you added to the pencil sketches, beautiful.

  2. WOW, they are all just great!!!!
    please come on over and sign in for the drawing challenge, the word is BODY and it would be wonderful if you join us!!! please say yes, xx julia

  3. Yes, please say yes, Julia, she has also force....äh persuaded me to join in!
    And I agree, your drawings are just phantastic, I especially like what you left out and the subtle color you used!

  4. well OK! not much convincing needed here :)

  5. beautiful drawings
    love your soft pencil lines
    makes me curious!