Tuesday, July 5, 2011

hello goodbye

I am borrowing a couple cook books from my Mom and one is by James Beard "Outdoor Cooking" from the 1950's. The illustrations and photographs are fantastic and all the menus of course have cocktails as a starter. He is a great American cook and well worth a peek.
I got some Leuke Post in the mail that was a real treat!! Thanks Janien :)
We are packing up once again to go north for a few days- I'm getting pretty good at the nomadic lifestyle, perhaps I was a Sherpa in a previous life ;)
Am hoping to participate in Drawing Challenge again this week "Monster" is the theme....maybe I'll get my kids to help me out, we'll see.


  1. It sounds good- I am sure I had a past life as a nomad as well- I ws actually told so by a 'psychic' once...that I was a gypsy in a past life- yay!

  2. Have a good time,Kristen!
    Are you gonna cook in the open?