Monday, July 25, 2011

Molly's House (part 2)

We have had record heat the past few days (thankfully it has passed) so I opted to get out of town in an attempt to escape it...but only by a few degree's. I have managed to stay pretty much in the water or on the edge of it for the past 4 days or so and finally today it is overcast and in the lovely cool 70's/20c
So here are a few more scenes outdoors from my friend Molly's
She built that little pond herself!


  1. I've heard about the heat, totally different to what we experience, please sent a few degrees over to us, I think you won't miss them and we would be pleaseed about some sun and a bit warmer weather. Yesterday we had 15°/59 F = winter!!
    This little garden is so beautiful, love the little duck and the teddy bear hanging in this little basket.

  2. there is some magic going on in that garden :) it has a lovely feel, i like ferns too, survivors from ancient times, and a pond; always so good to have some water nearby. we are in need of some sun! xx

  3. I heard about your recent bout of rain and cold and if only my lungs were strong enough I would have happily blown some of the heat your way!!:)

    Barbara- the little animal was a "Surrogate Mom" for one of the ducks when she first rescued it ;)

  4. How very gorgeous and serene and I love the little ducks- I think it's becoming my daily dream!XX