Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Molly's House (part1)

one of Molly's paintings

if you can't tell that's a paper wasp nest (uninhabited of course)
on top of the beam...next to some deer antlers

new batch of baby chicks getting bigger in one of the bathrooms

I got the chance to visit Molly Stark (a family friend, artist, organic gardener, environmentalist, mother and keeper of dogs, chickens and now ducks!) with my husband and kids. It's always a treat to visit her house at the top of a very steep hill. 
My kids go crazy in her vast yard that is full of wandering birds, ponds, fountains, fun sculptures and plastic animals, berry bushes and apple trees. Literally everywhere you look there is something interesting to see. 
This year she let me take pictures and I wanted to share her very eclectic living space with you.
I'm a total sucker for peeking into peoples homes and am so happy she graciously allowed me to photograph her very personal and unique home.  (More to come)


  1. Her home looks so delightful! I love all of the different textures. I especially love her painting!

  2. wow, what a great place!
    this is exactly how I would live if I had a house in the country!

  3. I love how you captured the atmosphere of your friends' home, lovely place, her painting fitting in its surroundings so wonderfully, there is another beautiful artwork too above the table, also hers? Looking out for more, xx

  4. Yes! the painting over the table is one of hers too and the photo next to it is one my Mom did :)

  5. Wow, Molly is really cool, what a fun place to visit! Love the baby chicks in the tub! Thanks, Kristen for being so sweet & following along with my blog. I wish I had more time to check out everyone else... But it is definitely a treat when I do get the chane. All the best for a great summer. I here it's pretty hot in Boston.

  6. i have enjoyed your little wander about the house of friend molly. ecclectic is the word. inspiring another. thank you!

  7. i can only hope some cute family comes to visit me at my ecletic home when i grow up!
    afterall, i already have a asheep sleeping on my welcome mat! :)