Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monsters at the Lake

the Sap House...where we set up

My Son's first monster. A many eyed snake that comes out of a hole in the ground and breathes fire

Collaboration of my daughter and I...mostly her :)

My Son's second monster picture inspired by Godzilla (king of the monsters)

My own monster- always feel heavy and sit on me while I dream.

Thanks Julia once again for the Drawing Challenge, we had fun with this one :)
Check out many more monsters on her site!


  1. oow I love all of these monster drawings!

  2. I love the last two
    his drawing in one line, great!
    and yours
    looks like he loves to hug

  3. i totally agree with patrice, and i like the same drawings, your monster really looks like he loves to hug! very sweet! xx julia

  4. the view from that window is priceless. it would inspire me. it might also bemuse me so that i'd just sit and stare...
    your daughter now, does see the monster coming. the colour!!
    and boys will be boys, of course... ;)))
    i like the 'globe' your own monster is stooping under, is it?

  5. me too i'm intrigued by that 1st photo, seems like a good place, i can feel the good vibes only looking at that photo... but now monsters.. i love to look at children's drawings, just wonderful to look at and your monster has the look of one but there is a gentleness shining through, beautiful Kirsten, x

  6. I love the last monster...looks so lonely one. Actually, on a second look- he only looks like monster but iodide a very softy one...:-)

  7. I am so impressed by all of these drawings, their monsters, the styles. very nice.

  8. The "Sap" house is an out building that my grandmother used to paint in and my grandfather had it moved when he retired to his new home that my Mom inherited after he passed (whew!)...I am hoping to hang onto it somehow as it does have a lot of GOOD energy for creating. It's quite small an cozy and the window with folding table is perfect to work on :)

  9. I especially love the godzilla monster that is really artistic and surprising!

  10. That first photo is amazing! I love that space and the view from the window, it looks ideal! And the family story makes it even more special!
    Love the family monsters!

  11. these monsters are fantastic! I love the multi-colored cat/dragon one.