Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Week

A whisper of light filters through the trees
insects float on dust- hovering, skating

Cloud is blushing
floating lightly down
raining wasp paper

A bickering child
rising up to meet the world -head on
as if he has always been here
and knows that his world needs taming


  1. Kirsten, i always love the little peeks into your world, it looks balanced and beautiful.
    Your artwork, often delicate, but there's always a subcontaneous strenght, you used real wasp paper, didn't you? i like that. The thoughts behind this one put into beautiful words, give it something extra. x

  2. Thank you Renilde :) balance feels like a real gift when I catch it ...and yes I found some beautiful wasp paper- it's tough yet delicate- nice combination ;)