Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Imaginary Islands

In my Mother's garden

I have been craving solitude.
If only I was small enough to inhabit one
of these lovely moss/lichen landscapes for a few days.

Can you feel the season begin to turn?


  1. oh this is what i need at the moment, may i stay a few days on the first
    little island....? lovely view, thanks for sharing and yes, i can feel it and i am not ready for that change... x, julia

  2. I love mosses, they always look like a little world on its own!

    yes, I can feel the season turn, there is something autumn-ly in the air, but thank god summer weather came back last week, so it is hot at the same time...

  3. these are beautiful! hope you've managed to get a moment of quiet :)

  4. These make me dream, i live on one of them from time to time :) x