Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday around the House

Every Monday I erase the chalk board and write down what we are doing for the week. 
Looking ahead this is the last week where "school" is nowhere on the horizon. 
So I'm feeling like I may have to cram some last minute summer activities into these next few days.
But today is all about denial that Fall is just around the bend. 
The light is amazing and it is a perfect temperature and breezy. 
The chickens are at the door and follow me all over the yard or "bock" under the window I'm typing away at.
The garden is brimming with foods I need to pick (and eat!)
I am thinking ice cream is in order when #2 wakes up from her nap...
Nothing like a little Monday summer relish ;)


  1. sounds so lovely and peaceful!
    love your chooks :)

  2. ... if i had that choice, i would love to be one of your chickens, running around where you live, trying to get a peek into your house... but you must promise that you never put me in the oven...
    wish you a WONDER-FULL week, xox, julia

  3. it feels almost like I'm there too, Ican hear the chicken.

    my godchild Yannik (8) came to Vienna last weekend, and we also had some last minute summer fun. luckily the weather was and is sunny and HOT again, so I'm not too sad that it's the last good days of summer, not yet...