Monday, August 1, 2011

work in progress or a chance to sit still

I have been moving around so much this summer that being in one place for a couple days has finally given me the chance to sit down and paint again. And it didn't come easy...but I think part of the creative process is the frustration I go through in figuring out what it is I want to express. I admit it keeps me from really "sitting" sometimes knowing that I'm about to do battle with myself on some level- call me sucker but I keep coming back so I must be getting somewhere with it right? ;)
So these are rough but I wanted to expand on my "cloud" pictures as an emotional landscape grouped with imaginary self portraits.
 (me as a beat nick and Princess Leia- ha)


  1. love the beatnik and princess leia!
    I wish I had more time to start and keep painting...

    greetings from Vienna, where the sun finally comes out again (after 2 weeks of october weather).

  2. UGH Barbara! let's keep fingers crossed that you get 2 extra weeks in fall that feel like July!

  3. the combination really works, i love the mood of both your landscape/selfportraits .
    my experience is, that going on and pushing through frustration often gives results and trying out things is the way to new images and progress. x

  4. i really know that tricky feeling of getting back into it. sometimes it's harder than others.
    love your self portraits :)

  5. these are striking nonetheless. i do believe the effort put in is coming out in a convincing way. and emotional. they are just grand diptychs! and clouds. yeah.

  6. This combination of painting really starts telling stories and lets tell you, that I know this inner battle very well - seems to me that I'm struggling the entire year with it. I guess the best way is to stop thinking and just play around and see whats happing, one can pretend to not show it or to paint over it.