Monday, September 26, 2011

New Mexico Weekend

Once a year I try to make a Spiritual Seminar in Albuquerque New Mexico. 
It is a hard trip to make travel wise (long flight!)
but I always get so inspired and such a charge when I do get to go.
Partly due to the New Mexico landscape, culture and food- which I have always loved .
The history and temperament of the southwest of America is unique, rugged and enchanting.
But mainly being able to be around wonderful friends I really only see when I go who always amaze me with their vitality and love of life.
It's a pocket of time I truly am grateful for.

PS- the church at the top is a 17th century Spanish church in the center of Old Albuquerque- a wonderful adobe style building and landmark of the city (not where I was for the seminar ;)

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