Tuesday, September 20, 2011


When ever the seasons change I get that antsy feeling to move furniture around in my home.
 I blame my Mother who was always changing rooms around while I was growing up. I admit there is a very satisfying feeling after all the lugging/dragging/hauling of things back and forth. I feel less cluttered and over all a new space to live in does wonders for my own transition into new seasons.
I got some great mail from my friend Susan. A book by Lisa Occhipinti called The Repurposed Library. What a clever woman and of course wonderfully photographed!
Now that we are back on a "school" schedule and I am getting used to my 2 hour window of freedom in the mornings (I believe I was quite like a deer in the headlights for the first week or so with my time) I've gotten to a couple paintings that I am determined to do a number of - all thinking about facets like gems. They are small and I hope to really hone in on a pallet that I like ...I'm actually taking notes on how I made certain colors. We'll see how things go- I'm so bad with commitment :)  


  1. I am a furniture mover too, the process from an idea to the result ,after dragging and trying out, a life size puzzle and the contentment when every piece fits and looks new again. xx

  2. "Bad with commitment?" he said, 15 years later...

  3. speaking of living environments...you should know by now B ;)

  4. ha, i am a furniture mover too, and a obsessed wall painter...
    have superb time windows my dear, hugs,julia