Thursday, September 8, 2011

saved paper

I had been saving this old telegram that I got from Camilla's work shop I did last year and I finally got the "guts" to use it. Sometimes things become so precious.
Oh and I made the best tomato soup yesterday...we have been having soup weather this week. Nap weather too (but only in my head).


  1. Hi Kristen, your collage looks great!
    We have soup weather too, I might come over for a nice cup of tomato soup! ;)

  2. dear kristen, i'm taking fantasy-headnaps too, hm.
    but thanks for the heartwarming soup inspiration, together with barabarabee's olive bred, it might taste like heaven... xx, julia

  3. very nice collage/illustration!
    I'm also still keeping my "treasure" from Camilla untouched.

    after the big heat we're having soup weather here as well.
    but tomorrow morning I'll leave for bilbao and the basque coast... ;)

  4. beautiful collage, the blue and the flowers make me forget the soup weather, x

  5. that telegram is amazing! what part is added? its looks complete, like its always been whole, just the way it is here.
    i'd like a big poster of that:)

  6. Dear Kristen, I love the treewoman on the telegram!!