Friday, October 28, 2011

"Crochet Morran"

I have been working most of the month on this little project for a book submission. This is a crochet copy of a very famous dog Morran. Her "human" Camilla is putting together a book of  portraits/pictures of her lovely self and giving the money made to charity- while I'm not sure if my picture will be accepted I did have a lot of fun making and then taking pictures of "Crochet Morran" around my house and I am certainly looking forward to seeing the can take a sneak peek of contributions Here! and if you fancy contribute something yourself...the deadline is Monday Oct 31- Happy Friday!


  1. So cute.... hope your "Morran" makes it into the book!

  2. oh how great!
    it looks fine to me
    and hope yours get into the book
    love that last picture!

    I am still working on mine
    I have today
    and tomorrow to finish it

  3. fabulous!! fingers crossed for you ~ such a fun project :)

  4. Great idea,love your Morran!!xx

  5. Love your Morran contribution... it's going to be a great publication, isn't it?