Sunday, October 16, 2011

This weekend we managed to spend a lot of time outside...and I was wondering why I was enjoying it so much...not just because of the nice weather, the real reason was because there were NO bugs. with the exception of a few dragonflies and crazy flying bees (you know how they get at the end of their season).
It's deceptive in my neck of the woods- for most of the spring /summer from inside the house it looks picture perfect to go outside and hang out or work in the yard...that is until you actually do and are swarmed by biting bugs- mosquitoes mostly but we also get horse flies, black fliesdeer flies and the occasional Green head blown in off the beach. (they are the worst and probably only exist in this part of the world) they actually have  Green head indexes during the month of July at the beach-  letting you know how bearable it is to be out with them.

Needless to say I always feel a sense of joy in reclaiming "my yard" as it were this time of year from the flying pests and so we happily spent many hours outside this weekend including an evening fire with dessert (apple crisp- yum!)
Hope you had a pest free weekend too :)


  1. wow, those are quite a lot of pests you have to deal with!
    the campfire and the apple crisp look very cozy/tempting.

  2. these give a very relaxed impression, i love to sit by out-and indoors open fires,
    wishing you a cozy, happy, bug-free fall, x