Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Week Ending

The past few days have been so sunny and warm I am not convinced it's nearing the end of November.
 Of course I have had little opportunity to actually be outside as I am obsessively painting the interior stairwell, upstairs bath and hall. (almost there) Luckily there are enough social obligations to pry me away-  keeping me human this weekend....hope you are having a lovely one!


  1. Wow, you're painting like hell, a little refreshment of color is always good for the mood. I lately painted a blackberry stripe on my bedroom wall combined with bedcover, sheets and pillow cases and candle in the same color and it feels wonderful.
    P.S. We had too the sunniest and warmest november ever I guess, it was just fantastic.
    Wish you a nice weekend! Barbara

  2. mmmmm! blackberry bed room sounds good! I finally opted for a color called "sweet pear"...after covering my walls with 8 or 9 different colors. the part that is killing me is covering the 70's brown trim- white(ugh)but soon I will feel wonderful too :)

  3. Sweet pear sounds also tempting, hope you show us a littlebit. And white will be much more airy and light than the old brown - you'll be satisfied and proud when you finally made it!

  4. Hope your weekend was lovely & you got all your painting done!