Monday, November 14, 2011

This Weekend

I spent more time working than playing...except the time out I spent showing the kids how to use the hot glue gun and Saturday evening having friends over for Korean food that I made (frantically) before hand. It was so worth the effort! that I'm now asking myself why we don't eat like that more often??!
So this week I'm embarking on a couple new ventures...the first is I'm starting to take lessons on the violin (tomorrow) yikes- at the insistence of my son who has been playing for over 2 years.
The second is I'm working on a letter project for my friend Janien who is organizing an exhibit at a museum in Belgium on correspondence- reflections on letters/messages in the digital age. I hope to show you more on that later.
Finally I am in the infant stages of starting a business  venture with a friend...which I can't really talk about now because it's still taking shape but -because I can't keep my mouth shut- wanted to share regardless :)
I hope your week is taking on a nice shape.


  1. Wow, lots going on over there Kristen.
    I can feel lots of energy, that's so nice.
    I love what you did with a branch and some acorns,pretty and fun, xx

  2. good luck with the violin and your future business, Kristen!!

  3. You are really a busy girl, Kristen! Good for you! Love the acorns!

  4. Really busy, sounds good and I like those little guys up there! Barbara

  5. i am VERY curious dear kristen, would love to eat your korean food tooooo! kiss the chickens goodnight, xx julia