Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a little Owl told me...

Are the clouds moving in or blowing away...I can't tell today. 
I keep waiting for things to slow down a bit so I can stop and catch my breath. I find this time of year I am always reminding myself to slow down. The anticipation of the end of a cycle always picks up the pace on us. 
There it is again that voice telling me it's me that has to slow down, let the rest of the world move at it's crazy pace.  (Like the end of the bath water draining out of the tub...noisy, fast and usually with a loud sucking sound at the end)
Time to clear out some space in my head for a long hot bath :)


  1. love the eyebrow/nose line on both of them!

  2. :) I think they are twins in that way

  3. you make me laugh, love the part with the end of a bath...
    the painting is so wonderful!
    we have such a white owl, living in our barn!! two years ago she/he flew right into my face, we bumped into each other in a small stable door, i'll never forget that, it made me dance for days... xx julia

  4. Lucky Julia! I have long coveted that type of barn owl :)

  5. Lovely thoughts .....lovely drawing.....