Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I finally got the coop all gussied up for the holidays...now if only I could get the hens to wear those little Santa hats - just kidding... maybe I should let it slip I've got a nice soup on the stove......it's vegetarian  ;)


  1. very good, vegetarian soup is the best! ;)
    (would you make chicken soup now you have the PLO?)

    I wonder: do you ever have problems with foxes or weasels with your chicks so near the woods? some of my friends living outside of the city do.

  2. Such a great idea to decorate the coop, i would love to look at that from my window and my soups are always vegetarian ones too, xx

  3. That is so pretty... just the kind of Christmas decorating I love! I bet your soup was delicious too!

  4. Barbara...I have to admit I love home made chicken soup...don't tell the ladies. I buy my chicken at a farm down the street from me and I know they are treated well. I have a much greater appreciation of eating animals having kept them.
    And yes we have predators all over the place here....mainly I worry about hawks and neighborhood dogs, but I feel strongly about letting the PLO roam, they are so much happier and their life span is not very long to begin with so why not let them have the freedom...

    I am a big FAN of Soup!