Monday, December 5, 2011

Domestic Monday

The little boy that comes over to play after school with my kids looked over my shoulder while I was doing this and said- "Is that your kitchen?" I smiled and said "yes, my imaginary kitchen" - 
That and  THIS!  totally made my day :)  you can take a peek at the whole "homage/book" to Morran (Camilla's beloved dog)  and  see if you can find my contribution among all the other wonderful illustrations.  It's beautiful and all profits go to -
The World Society for the Protection of Animals...a win win in my book  :)


  1. ... great painting, wonderful (poor) morran book! xx julia

  2. great composition Kristen and a lovely woof in the Morran book, i'm in it too and as you say, the profits go to a wonderful and much needed (sadly enough) organisation, x

  3. Wonderful and unusual drawing and of course did I discovered in this amazing book about Morran (still sad about her). xx Barbara