Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Looks like this snow flake my daughter made is as close as we may get to a white Christmas this year. I'm hoping to slow down after today and enjoy more of the holiday spirit- meaning that I drive around a lot less. I'd like to feel stillness inside as well as out- that's my goal for the next few days at least. 
Tomorrow's Solstice I'm planning on having a real sit down dinner...for some reason we have had far too few of these as of late. I always like to collect as many candles as we have around and eat by candlelight. 
I can honestly say I'm ready to welcome the light back this year. 
Do you have any Winter Solstice rituals you do in your home?


  1. I'm just happy to get the light back!

    we will also have "green christmas", it is far too warm here.
    yesterday I heard that the last time it actually snowed on december, 24th was in 1986, the last time we had white christmas in Vienna was 2002.

    enjoy your Solstice dinner!

    ;) Barbara

  2. No snow in sight here either Kristen, a wet christmas.
    But there will be the light of candles and the glow of the open fire and as tomorrow my stepdaughter and grandson arrive (it's his very 1st christmas) for the holidays it will be a very lovely winter solstice. I'm looking forward to it.

    Wishing you stillness inside and all around, xx

  3. My grandaughter made that same snow flake last year. I think it is so pretty. Love your pretty photo of your African violet. The shell ornament is very sweet, we have many of those too, made over the years. Enjoy the quiet & stillness & have a very peaceful & happy Christmas!