Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little Wish

At breakfast yesterday with PY she told me that she secretly wished she was a cat. I told her that when I was little I had that same wish. Come to think of it some days I still wish for that. Especially when there is a sunny spot in the living room to curl up on.


  1. The certainly explains the cat suit and the meowing...

  2. I frequently dream I am a cat. A talking cat. In one dream I was curled up on the bottom shelf of a glass display case, on a velvet cushion. Yes, being a cat in my dreams is as good as being one under my person suit.

  3. I like the sunny cosy impressions of your home and beeing a cat, laying in a sunny spot is surely tempting. But I still think, I would rather be a dolphin or something, playing with the waves, jumping, giggling the all the others and feeling free...
    A cat friendly dolphin of couse!