Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some weeks are a real test. I've never been good at "not knowing" what's going to happen next.
 Especially in stressful situations where all I want- is to know what I have to deal with next.
The theme for me this month seems to be letting go of knowing and just being.
Most of the time I feel like I should have a sign on me that says;
Out of my mind...back in 5 minutes.

Hoping you have a restful weekend!


  1. These are just such lovely tender sweet photographs....really beautiful. I hope you will know soon & that it will be what you want to hear.

  2. dear kristen, i think i really understand:)) today i'm leaving my home to spend the weekend in a special place, it is an old monastery, all i need to do there is to shut p an just be! don't know if that works with me as much talking/thinking person, but i have a strong longing for moments like that. hugs, julia (thanks for the nice chicken picture, i missed them!)

  3. soft tones
    a bit of sun
    and just be
    how nice that would be

    enjoy the weekend
    and the little bits
    in between

  4. There is a contrast between your photos and words, the world around you looks so peaceful.
    Guess we all have to deal with the inner restless moments but in the end it's going to be allright, xx

  5. good of you Kirsten, you can't control everything!