Monday, January 2, 2012

Starting Off January

It has always fascinated me that on New Years the whole world gets together and decides to start anew. 
Just like that we fill ourselves with aspirations of how things could improve. We share our hopes for future days and commiserate together on things we are glad to leave behind.
Whether you celebrate the new year quietly or loudly the energy of it is contagious. Yet it is simply another day. Perhaps the weather has changed, the sun has moved across the sky, a season is slowly drifting by.
The question I put to myself today is why don't I start every day this anticipation of a fresh start, a new beginning, a letting go of things that didn't work for the possibility of change.
In fact why don't I carry this sense of "beginning anew" in my everyday moments. I mean the decision to start off anew is all in our heads so why can't it work from moment to moment?
Perhaps that is what is meant by living in the moment. In any event I started off my New Year with fruit salad. A good start I'd say on any day :)

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