Saturday, January 7, 2012

work in progress (or a chance to sit still)

I have been doing some small paintings in order to start ...a larger canvas! 
At least working on ideas for said larger canvas. 
Over the holidays I have helped my husband clear out our basement, reorganize and stake out a space for me to have a place to work on larger pieces as well as set up an area for printmaking. 
It's still in process but I am eager to get a big ole table and bring my supplies down there to get messy. 
The desk I have now is up in the main part of our house and I love to work there near the window and with in reach of the kids who always are in need of something, but it does limit me size wise...and while that has been fine for awhile I'm itchy all of a sudden to explore things on a larger scale.
Hope your having a nice weekend :)


  1. dear kristen, i hope you'll find the balance between all that, but for sure you will. i like your painting(s) a lot! yy julia

  2. oh sounds so good and exciting, looking forward to the work you are going to make in your new space,
    i love the way you put liveliness and brightness in a still life, that apple looks really yummie, xx

  3. Love this, great colours and exciting to start on a bigger scale!! Have fun.