Thursday, February 2, 2012

February already

Things I've been up to...
Last month I joined a local sketchbook group that meets on a monthly basis. 
After our first meeting we decided to try doing a sketch a day.
 So far I've been managing to keep up :)
I took out my Brothers old brushes and put them in a place for use.
I got a new hat my friend Merethe made me and I've been wearing it a lot!
It's been a pretty busy week, I'm expecting family over the weekend and hope to take the kids to
the Peabody Essex Museum for their Lunar New Year festival.
 We didn't have time to celebrate it properly this past month-
Happy Year of the  Black Water Dragon!


  1. Dear Kristen,
    great drawings
    and photos of you and brushes with feather.
    And I love your last post... this yurt seems to be a really good place to feel safe and be connected to mother nature.

    Wish you and your family a nice weekend,

  2. dear Kristen,
    a sketch a day
    what a great idea
    and that cat
    looks so great!
    like the date-stamp
    and brushes and feather
    all I do is read and read and
    drink tea
    and think of all the work
    that has to be done

    but today we enjoyed the snow!

  3. I have been trying for a sketch a day but have not been so successful. What a great idea to go to the Peabody Essex Museum to celebrate Chinese New Year! I LOVE the Chinese House!